Our Good Deeds- Intellicore

Our Good Deeds

At Intellicore we are committed to helping out charity organisations, community projects, and other initiatives whenever we can.

As an organisation we know what it's like to start small and not have many funds, and we realise how significant our help can potentially be for others in the same boat, whether that's in a charitable organisation, or in a brand new business enterprise.

That is why we make a special effort to make a little time to help out, and do for others what we'd like them to do for us.

When choosing, we make sure our personnel are closely involved when we decide which causes to support. Some organisations have a special significance to a staff member, or are causes that we have supported for years; but they are all chosen by common agreement, and are well worth the time and effort we put into them.

Since we were established in 2010 we have supported causes in Aberdeenshire and throughout Scotland, and we plan to continue identifying causes worth supporting, wherever they may be.

Since 2010, we have helped the following organisations: