Meet the Team - Intellicore

Team Intellicore

Our team are super; we don't wear our pants on the outside of our clothes, but we believe that, when it comes to IT, we're heroes. We want to get to know you and the issues you're facing, so we thought it only fair that you get to know us a little better too:

Image of #Barry Booth

Barry Booth

Alias: "Daddy Intellicore"
   -   Preferred superpower: "Predicting the future"

Daddy Intellicore is the founder and MD of the company. He thrives on challenge and enjoys striking a balance between home and work life. He is proud to have built his own house recently and will happily wax lyrical about the benefits of being involved in every aspect of the work. He considers his daughter his greatest achievement, closely followed by Intellicore.

Image of #Des Neill

Des Neill

Alias: "Captain Tech"
   -   Preferred superpower: "Invincibility"

Our Technical Director Des has been at the hub of building our team to ensure not only the right combination of skills, but also personalities that work well together. He would like to stay forever young, good looking and funny – not asking for much then! He's a family man and cites his kids as his greatest achievement.

Image of #Jack Nutkins

Jack Nutkins

Alias: "Dynamic-Jack"
   -   Preferred superpower: "Master-mind"

Jack has worked his way up from being the baby of the bunch to now being our main CRM developer. He loves a new challenge and rises to it each time, he understands the fundamentals and can apply them in a vast array of environments. His specialities are CRM & iOS development. He is most proud of working his way through university, coming out at the other end (relatively) unscathed!

Image of #Sean Duthie

Sean Duthie

Alias: "Dr. Web"
   -   Preferred superpower: "Invisibility"

Sean is an expert in web development, we suspect he is either older than he looks or is some sort of super brain (we suspect it's the latter) as his knowledge is well beyond his years. Sean is our go-to guy for web development.

Image of #Amy J Robertson

Amy J Robertson

Alias: "Divine Design"
   -   Preferred superpower: "Super-styling"

Amy is our graphic designer and assistant web project manager, and makes sure we are practicing what we preach when it comes to design and quality web projects. She'd love to be SuperGirl – don't tell her but we already think she is!

Image of #Jiri Vaigl

Jiri Vaigl

Alias: "Joker"
   -   Preferred superpower: "Time-Freeze"

Jiri brings a new dimension of computer knowledge to the team with his video/sound production and animation skills. He has been also working closely with Vladimir and Sean to improve his web development skills. His greatest superpower is his quirky nature which creates a good vibe in the office!