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Enhanced Web Design for Business

What does your Web Design say about your business?

We live in an era where businesses rarely get to make a first impression in person anymore; websites are the main vehicle used for presenting ourselves and offering our services . For this reason, we have to realise just how important our websites are and how we are presenting ourselves to those who visit them.

From a visual point of view, many people would say they don't know anything about design, but generally speaking most people will recognise when something looks naff and when something looks good. So although our minds may think they don't understand design, our eyes do and the subliminal messages that we can communicate visually are very important. The subconscious reaction to a badly designed website is to doubt the quality and trustworthiness of the company - large well established companies will always invest money in quality web design and visual communications. A company can be very successful, have plenty clients and wonderful reviews, but if they don't know how to communicate it to their potential customers, they may miss huge opportunities. In the same way, many small companies often manage to grow greatly thanks to making a good impression online. That is why enhanced web design is essential and powerful.

Often a good starting point for a nice web design is a good brand identity. Ideally the colours, typography and overall style of the site should fit in with the brand, maintaining a coherent look and feel, as this is the company's main identity. In the same way as the corporate website is crucial, the organisation's corporate identity is key to a company's success.

Here at Intellicore we know how to create both great brand identities and websites! Please get in touch to find out about our design services.