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Our recipe for developing a good mobile app

Our recipe for developing a good mobile app

What you will need: - A good idea Pretty self-explanatory really... Do you have an idea that would sell? Could your business benefit from having a personalised app?

- A good developer + a good designer Don't expect a developer to design a great app or a designer to build one. App developers and designers are totally separate professions; but at Intellicore we have them both!

- A reasonable budget No matter how great your app is, if you don't have money to spend on marketing and advertising after your launch, your app will never get very far. We recommend that you leave at least half your budget for marketing.


1. Define your idea

Define what you want your app to do and who your target users will be. Ask yourself how your business could benefit from having a personalised app, and if it's going to be free or have a cost.

2. Hire a professional developer & designer

As we said before, you will need both skills to produce a good app. So you have two options: a) Hire a good company -like us!- to develop your app for you and leave it all in their capable hands (skip to step 7), or b) Do it yourself.

3. Choose a platform and register with them

Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry each have their own app marketplace that you will need to register with to launch your app. Look into each of the options and choose carefully.

4. Plan and Design your app

Think about how your app is going to work and how the user will interface with it at each step. Tip: Having some kind of social media integration in your app will increase downloads dramatically!

5. Download the API for your platform and get building

Each mobile platform has it's own language called application programming interface (API) which they offer to registered developers.

6. Test & test & test!

Test your app thoroughly to make sure every aspect works to your liking.

7. Submit

Upload you app to the necessary app platform, such as the App Store or Android Market, to allow users to start enjoying it.

8. Promote & Sell

Probably the most important part of the process, make sure you get the word out and promote your awesome new app!