Integrated IT is The Answer to Profitability

Integrated IT is The Answer to Profitability

Companies looking to improve profit margins may be able to do so by embracing IT to eliminate downtime, enhance productivity and increase profits, according to IT integration specialist, Barry Booth. Technology is playing its part in improving business efficiencies by integrating mobile phone applications with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to streamline business processes using ‘on-the-go' data. Over the last year, IT integrations specialist, Intellicore, has seen a surge in the number of local companies turning to mobile application technology to improve business performance which, in some cases, have led to cost savings of tens of thousands of pounds.

Using sophisticated technology, data is fed to CRM systems directly through user-friendly hand-held devices or mobile phones, providing real-time information and converting it into analytical reports and documents for management, such as timesheets, mileage reports, quotations, invoices and accounting records. As well as cutting down on duplication and saving time, these automated systems can improve business efficiencies by helping management make informed decisions. The systems can also help management plan by producing predictability performance reviews and reports.

Intellicore is currently working on a system to improve safety for hundreds of staff in a local engineering company that will feed location information into a central system to improve safety in lone-working. The system can also provide data on time allocation and profitability per job, used to improve productivity.

Barry Booth comments: “The information that companies can have at their fingertips is overwhelming. But it's not just receiving the information that's important, it's also about using that information in an automated fashion to make decisions and grow. Automation plays an integral part in reducing labour time in business and mobile devices are a great platform for providing that information in real-time. If companies are looking at cutting costs, integration may well be the solution they've been looking for.”

Although initial costs of integrated systems are high, starting from around £20,000, the savings made in productivity and labour hours can make the return on investment worthwhile.

Barry continues: “Although information is readily available, it does take time to implement change in an organisation. Some of our clients have seen the turnaround benefit them within months, but most clients start to see the savings after the first year, when changes have been made on the back of data received. It can save tens of thousands of pounds for companies that have large staff numbers, particularly those who have staff working on field most of the time.”

Companies can invest in ‘Off the shelf' integrated systems or in bespoke systems that are available through most integrated IT specialists.

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