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Intellicore Becomes GASC’s Main Sponsor

Intellicore Becomes GASC’s Main Sponsor

GASC –Garioch Amateur Swimming Club– are Aberdeenshire’s most successful competitive swimming club, training at Inverurie Swimming Pool, and are regularly ranked in the top 10 clubs in Scotland aiming to compete at the highest levels in the sport.

Last September they approached us at Intellicore with the aim of creating a new website that would match the club’s high standards and represent them accurately. To achieve this we proposed a complete re-design & development of the website, along with a Content Management System (CMS) to allow the site administrator to keep the site up-to-date with all the relevant events, news and information necessary for the club.

One of GASC’s main aims from the new website was to try and gain sponsorship for the club, to allow them to continue training to the club’s high standards; and they were able to offer great promotional opportunities in return. At Intellicore we realize that sometimes getting a new website of these characteristics can be quite an expense for a small organization, even though the benefits in the long-term are well worthwhile. So we chose to approach the GASC project slightly differently, and decided to look at how we could mutually benefit each other in ways of sponsorship and promotion, rather than strictly monetary terms.

The result has been a great working relationship, an awesome website, a very happy client, and loads of opportunity for everyone! It’s a shame that we can’t afford to do this kind of thing all the time, but it shows that thinking outside-the-box has yet again helped us to solve a problem and make a client happy!

Check out their new website at!