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Dynamics 365 is the next generation cloud-based business solution. It is a powerful and accommodating solution that can be easily customised to meet your business needs. CRM supplies you with sales, marketing and customer service analysis  together with pre-set solutions that offer the insight needed to improve your business.


The 15 Reasons why we at Intellicore love Dynamics 365 are listed below:


  • Apply themes to personalise the dynamics 365 interface with the businesses logo, name and colours.
  • Easily adapt to different sales scenarios through business process flows which are situated within a new or existing record, on many different entities.
  • Personalise entity forms for contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and any other entities you require to do so.
  • Able to create your own custom entities and forms from scratch within a matter of minutes.
  • Configure automated and manual workflows to complete a task in the background or on request.
  • Easily customise views to show records that match certain values.
  • Quickly generate emails using dynamics 365 email templates directly into a new outlook message.
  • Link many different business units to the one system, allowing you to store all information from all the business units within one system.
  • Protect customers and sales data with the option of using security roles for certain users or business units using the system.
  • Consistent user experience across desktop, browser, outlook, mobile and tablet.
  • Apply roll-up and calculated field types to automatically populate fields based on other data entries.
  • Create custom dashboards to view sales revenue, won and lost opportunities and much more, across one or many business units.
  • Create order templates and connect these to an Electronic Document Signing service for fast paperless processing.
  • Do business anywhere by using the Dynamics 365 mobile app to access any sales or customer details you may need. The app also allows you to create opportunities, leads, contacts, accounts and much more.
  • Track active rival organisations on each deal to get an understanding of which opportunities they target and how much business you have won or lost against them.

If you would like to know more about how Intellicore can help you in building the perfect Dyanmics 365 CRM for your business then please contact us on 01224 213 335.