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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality, what exactly is it? The term is banded about, for that matter so is virtual reality, as though we should all immediately and innately understand it. Put simply, Augmented Reality (AR) is the interaction of humans and computers.


Surprisingly, AR has been around for quite some time. Some 50 years ago there were Universities conducting experiments on this interaction between humans and computers. Quite whether they envisaged its current usage is another question entirely, however.


One of the hurdles to overcome was the lack of computing power. The computers used to propel man to the moon were less powerful than a modern day mobile phone! Although this lack of readily available computing power rendered AR obsolete for the consumer market, there were a good few uses in both the business and military sectors. It was implemented in aircraft assembly, fighter-jets and medicine, amongst other things, as it made it easier and more efficient for people to do their jobs.


Evolution of the personal computer brought AR back towards the mainstream. Add to that the invention of webcams that were hardwired into the PC’s and AR was poised for world domination. There were, however, some teething problems and indeed some aspects of the experience that made it altogether a bit of a novelty. In order to take advantage of AR technology an individual would have to download the AR application to their desktop, plug in a webcam (or connect their built in webcam) and then sit in front of the screen, tethered to it. This limited the potential yet again.


All was not lost, however, as soon the smart phone hit the market. Apple trailblazed their way to the top, surpassing the efforts of goliaths Nokia and Blackberry. Smartphones, with their high resolution screens and built in high quality cameras have been a game-changer for AR. New levels of connectivity never experienced before are now available to anyone, anywhere. A hidden world of additional content is waiting for anyone who arms themselves with the hardware to look at the world through a different lens.


So what can Intellicore do? We can programme an AR system to provide the user with more information about you and your business simply by scanning a picture. What, you may ask, is the benefit of that? Well, you can have the picture incorporated to your business card thus transforming it from a simple two sided piece of paper with limited space for information to a ticket to your corporate video, profile or image gallery. This premise can also be deployed in magazines, newspapers and many other mediums.


Contact our team today on 01224 213335 to find out how you can enhance the effectiveness of your business through AR. 

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