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CRM: Maximise The Benefits

CRM: Maximise The Benefits

Do business out of the office

CRM systems are designed to be the piece of software that enables you to work wherever you want, increasing productivity. Remote and mobile workers should have the same CRM access and functions as those using a desktop in the office. 

Through mobile apps and offline working, CRM should be implemented to give all users access to their work and data, in line with user permissions of course. The data can be anything from specific information regarding a client to be used in a meeting, revising proposals or quotations whilst in the airport lounge or completing tasks whilst on the train.

Whatever you plan on doing, you can use CRM whilst you do it. The ability to use CRM anywhere, online or offline tangibly improves the productivity of all those using it.


Create smarter business processes

CRM can help you streamline your processes and remove duplication but developing smarter processes is more than just automating certain parts of your workflow.

We frequently help our clients by automating the tracking of customer service cases, projects, events or any other specific processes that they wish to manage by a dedicated process. That is not all that can be done, however. It is possible to integrate CRM with other system such as accounting systems which means that sales order information only needs to be input once, avoiding duplication and minimising the risk of mistakes.

Improving your processes through CRM can benefit your business in many ways. Resource consumption is reduced, the quality of data is better and there is greater consistency across all operations regarding the management of workflows.

In addition to the above, the benefit of a CRM structure’s simplicity is the ability to make compliance easier by finding and removing on request, where necessary, personal data in order to comply with data protection rules and regulations.  


Transform your service delivery

Once you have nurtured your smarter processes and empowered all of your employees to provide the best customer service possible you might look at improving your service delivery.

A focus in that regard should be to create an environment whereby the customer details are all available through one interface which is accessible across multiple platforms. As a result, their financial data, essential contact information and a communications history (which could include quotations, sales etc) are all in one place which is easy to access at any given time. There is a huge benefit here in relation to service delivery when considering that anyone within your organisation can view that information and so if the customers calls and their usual account manage is not available then anyone else can take the call and have all the relevant information at their fingertips.

In line with this, your CRM can be used to anticipate customer requirements and promote products or services in an account review or a marketing campaign. Additionally, your CRM can be set up to effectively be a case management system. This puts better tools in the customers hands regarding support issues, service requests and even responding to complaints.

Web portals can be a great way to manage such requests and allow the customer to seek a resolution without having to telephone a call centre. This increases customer satisfaction levels and thus the perception of your business. Intellicore can help with both the CRM system itself and the web / mobile app required.



We have just one question for you: are you using CRM?

If you have answered no then you really ought to consider the benefits as highlighted above. Intellicore are experts, and accredited Microsoft Partners, in Dynamics 365 CRM. We would be delighted to help you and your business reach its potential by developing and using a CRM system. The ability to customise the system to any degree required sets us apart from off the shelf systems which will not have all of the functionality that you require. CRM need not be expensive and the value you can gain by using it makes the return on investment high.

Speak to Intellicore today by calling 01224 213335. 

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