Dynamics 365 for Sales Teams

Dynamics 365 for Sales Teams

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. They ensure that cashflow is maintained, that your brand is relevant and most importantly that your business is a success. In recent years, perhaps not surprisingly, there has been a trend towards looking after customers and ensuring their satisfaction by being responsive and accountable. Not only is this important to existing customers but to potential customers too.

 One of the main drivers behind that trend is the ease of responsiveness thanks to technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business by providing sales insights, reporting, consolidation of customer data and allows you to react to opportunities quickly and efficiently.

 What is it that makes Dynamics 365 just so appealing in a market that is so saturated? At Intellicore we believe that there is not just one reason, it is a combination of factors that work together to make Dynamics 365 such a complete product. We will discuss in more detail below some of those very reasons and advise on how we can help you and your business by creating a bespoke Dynamics 365 CRM system to increase your efficiency and build your customer base.

 Dynamics 365 allows all users to work offline using a Dynamics 365 mobile app and automatically sync updates when they are next online. This allows all users to input data and information at source without necessarily having to ensure that they are online leading to increased accuracy of information.

 Perhaps one of the key areas when considering sales process is consistency. Dynamics 365 can be configured so that there is integrated activity tracking and generated reminders which prompt the sales staff to complete that task. Customers, therefore, are almost guaranteed your attention on the basis that users are reminded on a regular basis of outstanding tasks.

 With Dynamics 365 your team is connected at all times as everyone is connected to a single shared database of sales and customer details. This database is fully accessible by all users regardless of their geographic location ensuring that information is shared amongst key stakeholders quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Intellicore have a wealth of experience with Dynamics CRM and latterly 365.  We can help you create the perfect Dynamics 365 system for you and your business. We have provided bespoke Dynamics 365 solutions to clients for over 10 years and are experts at what we do. You can read more about previous projects by looking at our case studies on our website – www.intellicore.co.uk. If you would like more information then please contact us on enquiries@intellicore.co.uk to arrange a meeting or phone call to 01224 213335 to discuss your requirements.