5 advantages of having a website for your business

5 advantages of having a website for your business

Many business owners are now looking to build an online platform to host their products/services alongside other aspects such as portfolios and contact information, which will reach a wider audience at low cost. The Intellicore team have come up with five main reasons for having a website for your business, check them out below:

Less Expensive 

Your website can often be called your online shop window, but can often be less expensive compared to an actual physical shop window.


Easier way for your customers to reach you 

Having your online shop window allows customers to easily reach you and your products and therefore makes it easier to purchase from you.

Increase customers and higher customer reach 

Having a website can allow your business to reach a wider audience that is not solely based on location.


Your online shop window does not have a closing time, meaning those late night shoppers can browse and purchase product or enquire your service at any time and not just when the physical shop is open.

Holds all your vital information and more 

Having a website for your business can allow you to post vital information about your business to a vast amount of customer for example, your contact information, your products, a blog, and a portfolio can all be shown on your website for your customers.

Here at Intellicore, we specialise in creating amazing online spaces for business. We have developed bespoke websites for many different industries from comedy clubs (Breakneck Comedy) to builders merchants (GPH). To find out more about Intellicore, please take a look further on our website or telephone 01224 213335 to discuss how we can help your business today!