Ashleigh's 2 Weeks at Intellicore Ltd.

Ashleigh's 2 Weeks at Intellicore Ltd.

Ashleigh was looking to gain more experience throughout the summer after finishing her BA (Hons.) Media degree at Robert Gordon University (RGU) before continuing her studies doing MSc Digital Marketing. She applied for a digital marketing role through the Udrafter platform where she joined the Intellicore team for two weeks creating and executing a digital marketing strategy.

“Digital marketing is a great passion of mine and I really wanted to hone the skills I have learned through my academic studies and apply them within a real life business environment where I can gain valuable experience.”

Since working with Intellicore Director Barry Booth and the rest of the Intellicore team, she has learnt so much about the software industry and how software can really be used to solve or simplify a business issue.

“Ever since day 1, I have learnt so much about the software industry, particularly in the Aberdeen area. From AR (Augmented Reality) to QR and RFID technology, I never really knew about how software can really boost a business even if it is just a small piece of software.”

Ashleigh's University Dissertation Hand In

Ashleigh has always been passionate about technology ever since leaving school, she initially kick-started a career studying NC digital media and computing. However, it wasn’t until she started her HND in Advertising, PR and Marketing at North East Scotland College (NESCol) where she really discovered her passion for marketing which for her, is a middle ground for creativity and large pieces of behind-the-scenes analytical tasks. After her two years at NESCol, she entered directly into the BA (Hons.) Media degree at RGU via the Degree Link Association where she could further develop her marketing skills in a creative and digital way where she discovered that digital marketing was the path to pursue.

“I definitely feel digital marketing allows me to not only be creative but develop my analytical skills using some fantastic marketing tools, and a bonus of digital marketing is that it allows me to use different pieces of software to help create engaging marketing content.”

Ashleigh has now completed her two weeks at Intellicore and has now been accepted to further continue with her digital marketing strategy.

“I really love working with Intellicore. The team have been fantastic and the experience has really helped grow my confidence within the digital marketing sector. I have always been really interested in the software development industry but I never knew about the capabilities of a huge variety of software applications. I feel it was the perfect role for me, not only career-wise but to be able to work within an industry I am super passionate about was really great! Not only have I developed my digital marketing skills further, I have also learned how software can really be key to boosting a business and how it can be used to solve particular issues which is super interesting!”

Looking to the future, Ashleigh will be continuing her studies in MSc Digital Marketing at RGU but hopes to continue her relationship with Intellicore as she feels having great connections within the local area is key. She is optimistic that her time with Intellicore will boost her employability for after her university studies.

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