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Why mobile applications are good for business?

Why mobile applications are good for business?

Mobile application have become more popular throughout the years ever since the introduction of the smartphone. With one tap smartphones users can communicate, search, view and learn more information than ever before but how could business realise the benefits of apps?

1. Apps can get you customers… and keep them

Having your mobile application support your website and social media channels can help increase your customer reach, engagement and increase your accessibility.

2. Reinforce your brand

Apps can really help drive your key messages to consumers whilst allowing them to have another platform to make contact in addition to increasing customer loyalty and keeping these customers interested, in turn increasing sales.

3. Opportunity to give you a new marketing channel

With your new app, it can be added to your digital marketing strategy where you can add features such as instant messaging and allow your app users to receive push notifications to keep them interested. 

4. Connect with your consumers on-the-go

With 90% of time spent on a mobile application and 87% opting to use mobile apps instead of other means, having a mobile application can be vital to your business strategy.

5. Websites accessed on mobiles get more visitors than mobile apps but visitors spend more time within the app

Therefore, having a mobile app support a mobile website to work together on the same business strategy allows a wider customer reach that stay for longer. Overall, this can drive customers to your business, increase customer loyalty and keep customers interested and connected to your business.

Udrafter, one of our more recent clients needed a new mobile app and website to push their service to their target audience. One of the key features which was developed was the ability to have an instant messaging service and notifications of job application alerts or offers but also wanted the freedom to be able to connect with their consumers on the go. To find out more, take a look at our Udrafter portfolio. 

Udrafter App

Intellicore can provide your business with the software tools to drive your key messages to customers and increase your brand awareness. We would be delighted to develop an all-important website and mobile app for reasons highlighted above to help your business reach its potential in the market.

Speak to Intellicore today to discuss how our specialisms can boost your business on 01224 213335.