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The Client

Breakneck Comedy is a comedy club based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Founded in 2010, Breakneck has grown rapidly over the years and now has its own premises in a prime city centre location. 


Breakneck Comedy approached Intellicore for the creation of a new commercial website for the comedy club. The site had to include: information on upcoming shows, upcoming events, Breakneck news, FAQs, reviews of the club, sponsorship information, venue information, contact details and also e-commerce functionality to enable Breakneck to sell tickets, drinks packages and merchandise. 

What we did

The task in hand was essentially to create a brand new bespoke website which would entirely replace the existing website used by Breakneck Comedy. A key requirement was that the website be fully responsive and run smoothly on all mobile devices. The site was designed to be modern, eye catching and easy to use. 

It was important to Breakneck Comedy that the website improved the customer experience when booking tickets online, especially on mobile devices. Our team of developers ensured that each and every page on the newly designed website worked on all manner of mobile devices taking into account manufacturers of those devices and varying display sizes. 

Breakneck are a fast paced company and so it was crucial to them that they were able to updated their website as often as they like with new information. Using their previous website, they had to paste code snippets manually and edit content on a very low level. This hindered their ability to achieve maximum results from their website. Our team used a CMS which allows content management on a much higher level and takes away a lot of the needless complexity. This now allows Breakneck to amend their content with ease and precision. 

The main services provided were:

- Design

- Web development

- Responsive web development for mobile devices

- CMS integration

- E-commerce integration


Breakneck now have a website that they know ticks all the boxes they want it to. They also know that should those requirements change, Intellicore are on hand to make those changes. 

In addition, the website now has full functionality for sales of tickets, drinks packages and merchandise providing a further potential income stream for Breakneck Comedy. Coupled with the ability to update their content at the push of a button the new website should help with customer engagement. 

Technology used




- Javascript

- Craft CMS

- Craft e-commerce

- MySQL Database