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Class One

Class One - CRM Customisations

Class One Traffic Management has been one of Scotland’s top traffic management companies since 1991. They recently decided to utilize Intellicore’s services to update their data management systems utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Client

Class One Traffic Management is one of Scotland’s top traffic management companies. They opened for business in 1991 after realising there was a demand for a progressive, forward thinking organisation to provide professional traffic management services to the construction industry.

The Problem

Class One was utilising spreadsheets and various other disassociated tools to run the various aspects of their business. This worked for the team but was incredibly inefficient and data management was becoming more of an issue.

What we did

Intellicore implemented an end-to-end Business Management System (BMS) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that would take their back-office users right through from drafting a quote, to scheduling in the work and running-off orders. The system would also integrate with their Sage accounting system where the invoices would be generated – this data is then injected back into the CRM system so the CRM users have full reportability across the whole system.

In order to speed-up the process of generating quotes and creating orders, two custom screens were built on-top of Dynamics CRM that allowed the users to edit the products in-line. These screens were required as there were various changes to the quote to make it work for Class One which meant the in-line edit view could not be used.


The new BMS system sped up the process of generating quotes and orders as well as scheduling in the works to be completed by the engineers. The added benefit is that everyone is now using one system so all the data is consolidated in one place which means accurate reports can be pulled out of the system by the Senior Management Team at the push of a button.

Technology Used

Below is a list of the technology used in this project:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM