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The Client

FishSafe helps fishermen understand the size, scale and potential risk associated with offshore oil & gas installations.

The Problem

When they approached Intellicore, FishSafe were using only a website to provide information. They were seeking an application that would work on mobile phones and tablets that would make the information more accessible.


What We Did

The application built shows real time plotting of potentially dangerous or hazardous structures – including subsea structures. We built a clear and accurate display so as to allow fishermen to use the application whilst on the move. The application also allows fishermen to chart new observations and comes with a list of items that it could be e.g. span of pipeline, subsea cage etc. Each item has information about it and a scale drawing so as to allow the viewer to comprehend the size and shape of the item. In addition to that, the application allows the user to make their own notes which can be shared with other users too. This ensures the accuracy of the system and ultimately aids in its effectiveness.