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Forman Technology

The Client

Forman Technology are a company that operate in the Oil & Gas pipe fitting sector.


The Problem

Forman Technology identified that where complex and/or large projects were being worked on there could be any number of slightly different plans, technical drawings, progress expectation reports and so on. Having identified this inefficiency, Forman set about introducing technology to enhance the operation.


What We Did

Intellicore developed an application that allows the office based project manager to plan a project tha requires pipe fitting etc. which can then be split into smaller jobs and sent out to the various fabrication sites. The supervisors on site can then monitor progress, issue new jobs and, crucially, receive instantaneously any updates to the plans. The solution feeds back progress to provide high level management overview upon demand from the first action to completion. In addition, Intellicore built a client portal that allows the client to login and track the progress of the project.