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GARIOCH Amateur Swimming Club – Website with CMS

The client

Aberdeenshire’s most successful competitive swimming club, training at Inverurie Swimming Pool, Garioch Amateur Swimming Club (GASC) are regularly ranked in the top 10 clubs in Scotland, encouraging a progressive approach in swimming.

The aim of GASC is to compete at the highest levels in the sport, and within their squads they have Olympic / International swimmers and many National medallists. They also compete at district and regional levels, attending various open meets throughout the year.

The problem

GASC’s success has been exponentially growing throughout the years. They want to start contacting bigger companies for sponsorship opportunities and that wasn’t possible with their old website due to the outdated design and structure which was not representing them with the level of quality they deserve. They requested a better and more professional image, which would represent their international level competitions.

What we did

Intellicore, by becoming their first sponsor, has put a great deal of thought into the design and structure of the GASC’s new website. We took on board all the design, technical and structural faults of the old website and made the new one with improvements on every level. We also created a CMS (Content Management System) with many custom capabilities so it’s as easy as possible for the client to add their new content. When importing their old data onto the new website, we also renamed a lot of the files and recommended few content additions and changes to help to improve the pages SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We also developed a mobile version of the website.


The GASC’s new website has provided a modern and confident image to represent them in front of their new potential sponsors and members. With the new customized CMS, they will save a lot of time on content management and will be able to share their administration data in a much better way.

What did the client say?

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