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GCSH (Garioch Community Sports Hub) - Inverurie - Website Design with CMS

The client

Garioch Community Sports Hub is a non-profit organisation based out of the Garioch Sports Centre, in the heart of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.

The problem

At the time GCSH approached us, they did not have a website of their own, and were instead listed on various council and sport-club websites. The organization wanted a website of their own to be able to provide specific club information, advertise their events, and seek further sponsorship. As a non-profit organization they only had a limited budget, so in order to achieve a website with all the functionality that they required, they needed a little bit of help. We had previously sponsored and developed a similar website for GASC (Garioch Amateur Swimming Club), who happened to be one of the member clubs of GCSH, so they were quick to recommend us.

What we did

We held various meetings with Kieran Buxton, the vice-chair of the club, and went through all the website requirements, which he had very diligently thought through and detailed for us – making our job very easy! We designed the website front-end and planned out the sitemap and CMS (Content Management System) functionality with the client, and once this was all agreed we proceeded to build the website using Perch as our CMS of choice. Perch is so easy to use that after a single hour-long training session the client was able to go away and populate the entire website content by himself. We also ensured the website was fully responsive, allowing people using all kinds of devices to browse and use the site’s full functionality.


GCSH now have their own bespoke website where they can publish all their news, club events, contact details, and much more! This will give the club a much more professional image and will hopefully encourage more clubs to become members and provide extra sponsorship opportunities. The club members will now have a reliable source of live information, and will be able to book and pay for courses through the website, as well as follow all the club’s news and new initiatives.

What did the client say?

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