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The Client

GiftID brings local businesses and their offers to customers’ fingertips while on the go. GiftID then rewards customers by allowing them to keep their savings or donate a percentage of what they saved to a charity of their choice and keep the rest. The aim is to keep money in local businesses and economy thus enhancing the vibrancy of the high street.


The Problem

GiftID came to Intellicore with a vision for an application that would be intuitive and interesting to both businesses and customers alike. Their application had to work on both Android and iOS operating systems and Intellicore were the perfect choice given our knowledge and expertise in hybrid app code.


What We Did

We created an application for GiftID that enable their vision to become a reality. Users would select the deal or offer that they wanted to use and the application issues them with a code. The user presents the code to the cashier who will redeem it against the purchase. The key element of this application is the saving made by the user and their ability to then choose what happens with that saving. The application back end then updates and the user will see a balance on the dashboard of their savings. Through that same dashboard the user can transfer the balance to themselves or to a charity of their choosing.