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The Client

Libereat are a website and application that makes it easy to live with dietary requirements.


The Problem

The requirement here was for an application that would allow users to scan product barcodes, view restaurant recommendations, view recipes and more.


What We Did

The application was developed so that the user can set up multiple profiles for friends and family within one instance of the application itself. Each profile has set against it its own unique set of nutritional requirements i.e. ingredients to avoid, allergens, macros, etc. The user can then search through three different sections of the application and toggle certain profiles on/off to filter the options available. Those three sections are:

  1. Restaurants: these can be searched locally or in a specific area. This function will let the user know what restaurants cater for those with the specific dietary requirements of those family members toggled as on. In addition to this, restaurants can apply to register on the system and can add their location together with menus, recipes and other information.
  2. Recipes: this section allows users to post recipes and take them with the allergens and ingredients used. This allows the users to look for recipes that are suitable for all of the family members on the profile and easily prepare meals that fulfil the requirements of the users.
  3. Shop: the user can view over 80,000 products and sort them based on their ingredients. This allows the user to look at a list of products that conform to the requirements of the family set and select them based on their suitability. In addition to this, when a user is in a physical shop, they can scan bar-codes of items and the application will search against the database to assess suitability of the product.


Finally, the application has the inbuilt functionality for our client to send out user wide push notifications from the admin portal. This is easy to do and can be either text based notifications or linked to specific products for, for example, product recalls.  If you want an app that allows users to interact and benefit from using it then please contact us on 01224 213335.