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Mobile App for Senergy, Aberdeen

The client

Senergy, founded in 2005, delivers services and solutions to all energy sectors. Their services will cover the full project cycle of any energy development from the initial evaluation of the opportunity, its associated risks, challenges and outputs, through to full delivery and operation.

The Problem

Senergy wanted to be able to communicate the breadth of their services and solutions in a simple, attractive, and engaging way, allowing the viewer to appreciate the 'bigger picture' at a glance.

Why was the project necessary?

With the opportunity to promote their business at the well-known Oil & Gas exhibition Offshore Europe, Senergy requested the creation of a game or app, that would communicate the above mentioned information in an innovative and fun way that would both inform the visitor and help them to engage with Senergy.

What we did

Working alongside Creative Core, we provided the development expertise and skills to make their ideas and designs into a functioning interactive application. Using HTML5, we developed a game (somewhat similar to Tetrix), where the pieces of a puzzle, each displaying a service, would descend on the screen and have to be moved and turned in order to be fitted into the correct space. The aim of the game being to complete the puzzle, fitting the services into the correct company divisions, in the shortest possible time. We used a dual-screen functionality in order that the game, which was showing on a large screen, was controlled through custom controls on an iPad. This way the spectators could also engage by seeing the game unfolding on the large screen, and be enticed to beat the best recorded time.


The app, which has been very well received by both Senergy and the Offshore Europe visitors, will help them to both promote their services & solutions, and make a great impression on their potential customers, setting them above their competitors as they embrace innovative technology.