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Premier Coaches - Promotional Video

The client

Premier Coaches Kintore Ltd is a Coach operation based in Kintore, Aberdeenshire. Their passenger’s safety and comfort are their priority, and great customer service is their main value. Dating back to 2009, they are specialised in providing coach services for all types of occasions, as well as garage services for cars and coaches.

The problem

As one of our long-term clients, Premier Coaches benefit from having a support contract in place that allows them to get updates and fixes made to their website at a reduced rate. Recently they sent us a presentation that showcased their services, which they were using for wedding exhibitions and such. They asked us to upload it to their website for them as a power-point, but after having a look at it we realised we could offer them something much better!

What we did

Because Premiere Coaches hadn’t needed to make use of their support contract in over 8 months, we decided to gift them a promotional motion graphics video to improve their marketing! We took all the information from the provided presentation and turned it into something that now has a great vibe, portrays their values and enhances their services. We tried our best to make it as catchy and fun as possible as it was also one of the requirements, and all this in a very small timescale.


The biggest benefit for the client is that they can now use this professional marketing tool to present their services in a more contemporary, stylish and catchy way. Furthermore, they did not need to pay anything extra, as we utilised their unused support contract time.