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QA Travel

QA Travel - Website with CMS

QA Travel has been providing Quality Assured Business Travel services globally for over 20 years. Intellicore has provided a website that is fully editable, very user-friendly for both the site administrator and the average web user.

The client

Established in 1996, QA Travel is one of the most successful Corporate Travel Management companies in the UK today. They have been providing a quality service with a level of expertise that can be trusted and relied upon at all times, whilst offering outstanding value and efficiency through technology innovation. They are a member of the Advantage Focus Partnership and appointed themselves as the Technology partner of Amadeus.

The problem

The client was looking for a new website design & development to market their Corporate Managed Travel services. Their old website was quite outdated and it didn’t reflect the forward thinking and innovative approach of the company today. QA Travel required a website that would be fully editable, be very user-friendly for both the site administrator and the average web user.

What we did

As the most public-facing marketing tool, Intellicore spent a good amount of time and went through several design iterations of the website to firstly ensure the client was absolutely happy and that in their eyes it communicated the values they wanted to portrait, such as high quality, friendly service, professional, flexible, approachable, experienced, global, etc. Another important aspect was to create the new website so it was consistent with the new corporate branding we’ve already designed. You can find out more about this scope of work in our other case study.

The developers, hand in hand with the designers went through several brainstorming exercises to create a very clear navigation, attractive and eye-catching homepage design with dynamic features and other features and functionality such as:

  • Fully responsive for tablet and mobile devices
  • Up-to-date information via news section and newsletter subscription
  • Links to a number of third-party websites to handle bookings, online purchases, etc.
  • Highly visible information regarding company services and contact details
  • Client reviews, case studies, and testimonials sections
  • Links to Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Live chat functionality
  • Custom built client portal section

All of this created with a modern Content Management System called Craft CMS that allows the client to fully customize the content in the current website’s structure. This includes the textual data, banner images, downloadable content, travel alerts and much more. When going live, Intellicore has also been a big help in setting the 3rd party live server as it’s not been modified for web technology.

Please have a look at the final result at:


The number one benefit is that the new QA Travel website and its well thought through design has a great first impression on its visitors, giving them trust in the company and encouraging them to get in touch and find out more. And all that from any modern tablet and mobile device. Using the colour palette to match the company branding, implementing modern design principles and methods, together with a clean and up-to-date technical skills, have provided QA Travel with a website that can represent their values as well as give them the flexibility of content changes whenever they want.