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QA Travel - Full Corporate Rebranding

Established in 1996, QA Travel is one of the most successful Corporate Travel Management companies in the UK today. Intellicore provided a full corporate rebrand covering a redesign of the company’s logo, stationary, business cards, website and much more.

The client

QA Travel has been providing Quality Assured Business Travel services globally for over 20 years. In today’s cost conscious business environment, their objective is to work as a partner of their clients by aligning their business to their specific needs. They are currently a partner in the Advantage Focus Partnership, the largest independent travel management organisation in the UK, and as a result all their clients enjoy the benefits that derive from the strength of this partnerships.

The problem

QA Travel has asked Intellicore to provide a full corporate rebrand covering a redesign of the company’s logo, stationery, signage, business cards, email signature, power point templates, brochures and the company website. The client wasn’t happy with their current image in the industry and wanted to look much more modern and also resemble the global nature of their business which has grown significantly since the last branding was created.

What we did

As a first step Intellicore provided some initial draft designs as a ‘taster’ of what we can offer. We have provided QA Travel with detailed indicative costs for various design packages as well as individual prices for the creation of the discussed artwork, giving them a freedom to choose what they were comfortable to go ahead for.

Once the client decided on the options to proceed with, the logo was the first aspect Intellicore had to get right together with the right colour palette. From then on Intellicore worked closely with the client, providing many options and styles, allowing them to choose the right new feel for the company. Once the logo was finalised, the other aspects were designed, with the website being the last piece of the puzzle. You can find more about the QA Travel website in the following case study.


The main benefit is that the company gained a new clean and modern branding that suits their target audience and reflects the current nature of their business. It communicates well the fresh and modern feel QA Travel required while also ensuring the company’s look had a feel of high quality, great service, efficiency, experience and constantly growing environment. Intellicore made sure that all the separate branding was consistent and that the client was happy every step along the way.