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Relocate Guru

The Client

Relocate Guru aim to make it easy for users to feel at home anywhere, by matching local tips and advice from people who are just like the user. They use a mobile application, designed and developed by Intellicore, to provide this service to their clients.


The Problem

Mobile applications typically have to work on two main operating systems – iOS and Android. In most cases, applications are written in the ‘native’ language of those operating systems but this carries with it an issue. The issue is that the application code will only work on the one operating system it is written for. You therefore need to write two different code bases to create the app which takes more time and costs more money. Intellicore take great pride in being able to provide applications written in ‘hybrid’ code which operates on both iOS and Android thus decreasing cost relative to other developers. Our experience is what sets us apart from our peers.


What We Did

Intellicore developed an application that fulfils the needs of the client and has some really cool features. The app allows users and businesses to post ‘tips’, ‘reviews’ and ‘guides’ for a city. The idea behind this is crowd-sourcing of data for the benefit of all. Users reading those posts can follow the original poster for more relevant tips or things that appeal to the user. This subsequently forms a unique feed of updates to the user similar to Instagram. Businesses can also register themselves and be placed on map and can even offer vouchers to users of the application through the app itself. Probably the coolest feature of the application is that each city has a map view with a neighbourhood overlay. This allows the user to click on the overlays and instantly access data for crime rates, school ratings, demographics and so on.