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The Client

Richard Irvin are a leading service provider in the North East of Scotland in the areas of building services, engineering and fabrication, marine safety and sustainable energy.

The Problem

Like many service providers, Richard Irvin historically used a paper based system and other disparate systems for their engineers to receive jobs, keep time sheets and report that jobs were complete. 

This process became outdated and Richard Irvin recognised the importance of keeping data electronically and modernising their business process in order to be competitive, profitable and at the cutting edge of their marketplace. 

What we did

Richard Irvin approached Intellicore for the production of a bespoke end to end job management system. 

The goal was to have a system that allowed for easy generation of jobs and service activities over a given time-period. This would allow Richard Irvin to fulfil their contractual obligations with clients in the most efficient manner by utilising a bespoke software solution.

We moved Richard Irvin to an electronic data collection method so that their engineers could save time by sending data directly to the office staff and vice versa. This system allows for increased data security as well as savings in both time and money across the board. Individual jobs could be invoiced as soon as the engineer was finished on site as the data was sent immediately to the office team for processing.

Intellicore developed an on-premise internal Microsoft Dynamics CRM system by customising the previous business processes within the CRM environment. By extending the existing capabilities of Dynamics CRM, we allowed the system to push information to the Richard Irving Engineers via a PDA platform, ensuring that the engineers have the information they need at hand. The system also allows the engineers to send completed job sheets, certificates and timesheets via the PDA back into Dynamics CRM via a bespoke written web API written with C# leveraging the .NET platform. 

Another significant element of the system was the timesheet export process. This allowed, at the press of a button, a back-office user to generate payroll for all engineers for an entire week. This streamlined operations and ultimately increased efficiency. 


The benefits of this system are numerous. The fact that paperwork has been replaced by this system is perhaps the greatest benefit. No longer do Richard Irvin rely upon paperwork being completed properly, stored safely and processed regularly. The bespoke software solution created by Intellicore allows them to process everything immediately whether online or offline. 

The engineers can now attend more jobs due to this increased efficiency in back-office process and thus be more profitable for the business as a whole. 

Ultimately, the system has allowed for the streamlining of many different aspects of Richard Irvin's day to day business. 

Technology used

- C#

- Dynamics CRM

- JavaScript



- Angular 2

- TypeScript

We at Richard Irvin have worked with Intellicore for over 10 years and they continue to add value to our business. Barry and the team at Intellicore have worked on a number of line-of-business software systems and integrations that touch most areas of our business.  With each project Intellicore work closely with Richard Irvin right through from requirements capture and design through implementation and live deployment. We are always advised on best-practises and similarly, their support thereafter has been second-to-none, dealing with any issues quickly and professionally.

The longevity in our relationship is evidence enough that their service is first-rate and as such we highly recommend Intellicore as a software partner.

Paul Rae - IT Manager Paul Rae - IT Manager Richard Irvin