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Richard Irvin - Job Management System

The client

Richard Irvin provides sustainable energy solutions to both commercial and domestic customers; they primarily operate in M & E Contracting, Oil & Gas and Facilities Management.

The problem

Richard Irvin’s Dynamics CRM implementation needed to be extended to allow engineers and head office to easily keep track of jobs. As Richard Irvin was a large, national company it needed a more efficient mechanism to distribute jobs to the engineers and to allow those engineers to update head office in a way that wouldn’t interfere too much with their day-to-day work.

What we did

The solution we developed consisted of three main parts: 

* The CRM service calendar and in-built scheduling engine. 

* A middle-ground web-service (developed by a third-party). 

* PDAs for each engineer and associated engineer (developed by a third-party).

The first part of the system was the CRM implementation around the service-calendar. This included several customisations to existing entities as well as the addition of several new ones such as properties, certificates (see ‘Richard Irvin – Certificate Management’) and timesheets.

The service calendar itself allowed users to schedule in jobs for the engineers; once these jobs (service activities) had been scheduled in, the custom plugins that had been developed, would trigger which would then push these activities to the middle-ground web-service and onto the PDAs.

The engineers would then update the job status on the PDAs, such as ‘On-Site’, ‘On-Route’ and ‘Work Complete’. These updates would be sent to the middle-ground web-service and then back into CRM.

Once CRM received the updates from the middle-ground further plugins would trigger, updating service activities, jobs and properties (among other things).


The benefits provided by this system were profound: 

* Overview of all the current, past and future work that Richard Irvin had scheduled. 

* More efficient use of engineer time. 

* Reduced costs. 

* Head office given access to real-time data relating to the current status of all jobs. 

* Huge reporting functionality.