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Richard Irvin - PAYE Export

The client

Richard Irvin provides sustainable energy solutions to both commercial and domestic customers; they primarily operate in M & E Contracting, Oil & Gas and Facilities Management.

The problem

Richard Irvin already had a Dynamics CRM implementation (also developed by Intellicore) which, among other things, included time-management for the engineers using their PDAs and timesheets. The company wanted to streamline the process of getting this data from the CRM system to their PAYE system.

What we did

At the start of the project, all the CRM system did in terms of time-management was record the time the engineers had been working on a given job. This included information such as the property, whether or not it was a call-out, the related customer and the start and end times (among other things). The values of the different variables of a job would have an effect on the pay and cost a job would generate.

As well as the above, there were different pay/cost elements that needed to be taken into account. For example Monday –Friday from the hours of 8am and 5pm would be cost and paid at normal rates, however from midnight -8am might be at time and a half. Whether or not the job was a call-out would also affect its cost/pay as well as if it was on a weekend.

As it can be seen there was a lot of complex logic to generate, however once it was an output file was produced which could easily be imported into a separate PAYE system. This could all be done at the press of a button.


The benefits this solution provided are clear. It massively reduced the time required at the end of a week to complete pay-roll and removed the possibility of human error.