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Richard Irvin - Service Run

The client

Richard Irvin provides sustainable energy solutions to both commercial and domestic customers; they primarily operate in M & E Contracting, Oil & Gas and Facilities Management.

The problem

Richard Irvin already had a Dynamics CRM implementation (also developed by Intellicore) which, among other things, included job-management and scheduling for the engineers using their PDAs and the in-built scheduling engine for Dynamics CRM.

The company wanted to easily be able to generate jobs and service activities over a given time-period, to complete services on properties that required them based on contracts they had in-place with their customers.

What we did

The solution we developed consisted of an ASPX web-page and two custom workflow activities.

The web-page allowed the user to enter the criteria of the service run including: 

* The service run contract that this run is for. 

* The engineers to be scheduled. 

* The start date of the service run. 

* The number of days from the start date in which to schedule. 

* The number of services to schedule per day.

Upon completing the form and submitting, a service-run record would be created which would trigger the first of two custom workflows.

This first workflow is the most important in that it does the actual creation and scheduling of jobs within the system, based on the provided criteria it looks for properties linked to the selected contract that require a service and generates cases and activities accordingly. Engineers are assigned to these activities based on their availability in the service calendar over the chosen time-frame.


The benefits this solution provided are clear. It massively reduced the time required to generate jobs in a given criteria for engineers as well as improving the companies efficiency and meeting contract obligations.