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The Client

Rig Surveys are an Aberdeen based company servicing the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit market. They offer services such as Rope Access Services; Lifting Equipment Surveys; NDT Inspection and more.

The Problem

Our client was paying a lot of money for a system that wasn’t providing them with what they needed. They identified an opportunity to develop a solution bespoke to them and approached Intellicore for that solution. Crucial to their operation was the ability for a solution to be used offline. Their personnel frequently visit oil rigs, which are often hundreds of miles offshore, to undertake inspections or surveys. A tablet would be taken and data input but the data transfer process upon returning onshore was extremely slow.


The solution sought was one which would simplify and expedite the data transfer process and provide efficiency and accuracy. 

What We Did

In order to understand the processes and why there were taking so long, we reviewed their database and identified that of all the data they were inputting they were only every using or calling upon 33% of that information.


On that basis, we proposed a bespoke solution which was a streamlined version of what they were currently using with some additional functionality for reporting.


Our solution was one that capitalised on the most used fields, was intuitive and didn’t request any extraneous or inconsequential data. A proof of concept was developed and presented to the client who approved the final build. This project has been developed on an agile sprint basis.


If you have software that requires too much data input for what you get out the other end then contact us on 01224 213335.