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SEM Energy

The Client

SEM state that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and nowhere is this more apparent that in the energy sector. Their team is working towards a more sustainable future, driving innovation in waste solutions.


The Problem

SEM Energy are extremely focussed on technology being at the heart of their business. They approached Intellicore to work with us as their technology partner in relation to software as they sought a very specific bespoke HR solution.


What We Did

We first understood what SEM were trying to achieve and what their current process was. Thereafter we undertook design and development work to deliver to them a bespoke solution that automated their process and did not contain any superfluous or redundant information. The solution allows them to manage the entire employee journey from interview to exit. The solution prompts both HR and the candidate to upload or complete relevant forms during the interview process and thereafter track KPI’s holiday requests, disciplinaries etc against that employee on their record in the system. Whilst this solution is totally bespoke, we are able to build a solution that would suit you and your business. If you are looking for a similar solution then please contact us on 01224 213335.