Technip - Riser Data Visualisation

Technip - Riser Data Visualisation

Technip is one of the top project management, engineering and construction companies for the energy industry and they approached Intellicore to develop visualisation software for their umbilical riser pull-in project in collaboration with BP.

The Client

Being one of the top project management, engineering and construction firms in the world they employ tens of thousands of people from across 45 countries with state-of-the-art assets on all continents. Technip also operates a fleet of specialized vessels for pipeline installation and subsea construction.

The Problem

Technip have a requirement for a bespoke software solution to monitor the process of pulling-in risers as part of the BP Quad 204 project. The solution was to form part of a larger integration piece in collaboration with other partners including UK Electronics Solutions, EnerMech Ltd and others.

What we did

Intellicore created a bespoke C# solution that was to run locally on a laptop connected to the sensor inputs over Ethernet. The signal was received from 3 different sensors, namely Lynx Pressure, Line Out and Winch Load. Our software was converting the mA analogue signal into a digital output. The application then plotted the data it received on a chart in real-time while also logging this information in a local database file for later analysis.

Technology Used

Below is the technology used in this project:

  • C#
  • SQLite