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The Visa Team

The Client

The Visa Team have over 70 years of combined experience within global logistics and visa management.


The Problem

As the Visa Team continue to grow, they have looked to technology to enhance and support their business. They saw their website as one of the key areas in that respect particular as they wanted a portal that customers could log into to track their visa progress.


What We Did

Of utmost importance in this case was our understanding of the process that The Visa Team follow when dealing with clients. A deep understanding of their end to end management enabled Intellicore to develop the back-office system that runs their applications and interacts with the portal (you can read more about that in the article regarding the CRM solution).


The website has a tool on it allowing visitors to enter their travel arrangements in order to ascertain at the click of a button whether or not they will require a visa. This tool is linked with the back-end and Intellicore have undertaken extensive development in order to ensure that all permutations work.