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The Visa Team: Visa Management System

The Client

The Visa Team specialise in the area of obtaining visas for travel. They can assist with travel abroad for business or leisure purposes, even if your journey does not originate within the United Kingdom.


The Problem

The Visa Team sought a software solution that would allow them to manage and track the application process of visas required by clients. There being no software catering to their industry sector they required a bespoke solution and were recommended to speak to us at Intellicore.


What we did

At their inception, the Visa Team were primarily using Outlook to manage their requests and account management. However, due to a rapidly expanding client base and spread of business unit, a more centralised and streamlined system was quickly required. Another issue The Visa Team faced was that their client base had varying requirements for how they wished to make requests and view their respective data in the system. 


The solution Intellicore proposed to these problems was a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online based system and accompanying bespoke mobile application for use by The Visa Team’s staff, with a bespoke, customisable front-end tracker for use by external clients. A public-facing website was also built that allowed non-clients (members of the public) to request and manage visa and passport applications. Intellicore leveraged the LAMP stack for the bespoke front-end, C# and .NET for the API and bespoke Dynamics CRM customisations and Ionic 2 for the mobile application.  


A complex matrix was required to model the different services The Visa Team supplied due to the different citizenship/destination combinations alongside the different services and embassy fees that would be levied depending on the various types of Visa offered (which could vary by embassy). With this matrix in place, accompanied with the product and pricelist functionality that comes with Dynamics CRM, order packs containing relevant documentation for a Visa could be automatically sent to customers while also providing prices for the various services offered depending on whether a contract was in place or not. 


By integrating with the payment provider Stripe, online payments could be accepted quickly and easily without the need to store sensitive payment related information on The Visa Team’s servers – improving cashflow and customer security. 


Again, the Business Unit structure built within Dynamics CRM allowed requests to be filtered to the right people within the organisation. For example, if a request came in from a US source, it would be directed to the Houston team whereas if it came from the UK it would be directed to the London team etc.  


Due to the real time nature of the system, customers could be kept up to date with the progress of their applications – this was managed from the Dynamics CRM back office system as well as the bespoke mobile application (utilised by the couriers based out in the field).