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TWMA: Global Sales Management

The Client

TWMA is a market leader in the provision of specialist drilling waste fluids and solids processing both onshore and offshore.


The Problem

TWMA had identified an opportunity to better manage their opportunity logging. They sought a bespoke solution that fit their business needs exactly.


What we did

Intellicore developed a very simple solution providing automatic numbering functionality together with a heavily customised opportunity form and sales process. Whilst simple in nature, the customised opportunity form ensures that all requisite data is captured with no superfluous information. It further means that their CRM collects all data points for any other means such as sub-contractors, billing etc. The data has already been input and can be called upon immediately when required. The customised sales process is another element where we can add significant value. We can create a totally bespoke process within CRM that prompts your sales team to undertake tasks set up and will manage the process from end to end. If you would like to know more about bespoke Dynamics CRM solutions then please contact Intellicore on 01224 213335.