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Bespoke Hybrid Mobile App

Soda is a dating app with a twist insofar as the app plays on the social environment that it puts the user in. The app lets the user meet in social places and events with friends to make it more safe to meet new people. It also determines, based on the interests of the users, which places they will like the most out of those which are nearby. 

What the client wanted

The scope of work was to build a dating app that had venues with offers and events that reward the user for being there. This allowed the venue to track footfall in their establishment and give the real time data of what deals and what events performed best. 

What we did

The purpose of this project was to design and develop a mobile app that would allow users to connect and contact each other based upon selected venues around Edinburgh City. An admin portal was created alongside this to allow our client to add venues, moderate users and manage the mobile application. 

Intellicore set to work and delivered on all of the key objectives that Soda required. Our team of app developers built the app in order for the functionality to:

- allow users to see curated venues on a map and list view;

- allow users to create a personalised profile;

- allow users to check into the curated venues to benefit from events and promoted deals;

- allow users to browse, match and chat to users who were also checked into the same venue;

- provide in app purchases to expand the users ability to check into venues;

- an admin portal that would allow the client to add venues to the mobile application;

- allow an admin to send out custom notification messages directly to a user's phone based on gender as push notifications;

- allow an admin to gift credits to users;

- allow an admin to moderate through a user reporting system. An admin can see who was reported and the message written. 

The app was designed, developed and delivered to the client in the summer of 2017.  

Technologies used

- Laravel

- Angular


- Ionic 2

We moved to intellicore after having a bad experience with another app developer. I was a bit apprehensive after working with the initial developers but Intellicore came highly recommended by a few close connections.

From the day I first visited Intellicore to this very day I couldn’t of been happier to of made the switch. Barry and his team are world class and they put everything into their projects.

They put the success of our app first and added so much more value than simple development work. They made some excellent recommendations and went the extra mile to ensure that when we re-released the product it would be a massive success, which it was.

Added to that, they effectively re-built half of our product for no extra charge because it was in such a poor state.

A pleasure to work with, and a mindset to create fantastic software products. I hope to work with you all again in the future.

Blair Waller - Founder Blair Waller - Founder SocialLoop / Soda