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Website for Premier Coaches, Kintore

The client

Premier Coaches are an Aberdeenshire based company dating back to 2009 specialised in providing coach services for all types of occasions, as well as garage services for cars and coaches.

The problem

Premier Coaches had two existing websites at different web addresses, plus an additional url pointing to one of these from a former domain. Each site had different content and information, one ranked higher in search engines, but the other had better graphics; neither of which the company wanted to give up.

The company also lacked a CMS (Content Management System) to help update and edit the site easily without the help of a web developer.

The client also required a new professional email account to be created.

Why was this necessary

The company realised that the various websites could be confusing to clients and that joined into a unique site, we could combine the high word ranking of one with the graphics of the other, and still have all old URLs pointing to this new site so as not to loose any potential visitors.

The website was becoming a complex task to manage, and they were looking at finding a system that could simplify the maintenance of the site.

What we did

We did a study of the different websites to identify what was working best in each website, to make sure we would not loose any value from the previous websites. We re-structured the menus and content into a more logical order and improved the design of the site, while maintaining the original look and feel for consistency. We added a CMS to the site to allow the client to update the site, editing the content and imagery in a simple and user-friendly way.

Finally, we set up an Office 365 environment where the client can now host their new emails, calendars, etc. This allowed them to change the company email addresses to something more professional, whilst still receiving all mail sent to the previous addresses.


The new website now has all the content, flexibility, and ranking that the client desired; making it work better for Premier Coaches as a marketing tool as they grow and expand their services. The new design will further improve the company image and the new navigation will make the site easier to use and important information easier to find for the visitors.

The CMS allows for easy updates, ensuring that the content can now be kept fresh and accurate, which will also benefit the site's SEO (search engine optimisation).