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Wood Group - Continuous Improvement Portal

The Client

Wood is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets, operating in more than 60 countries and employing around 55,000 people.

Wood operates the CATS (Central Area Transmission System) gas terminal on behalf of CATS Management Limited, an Antin Infrastructure Partners portfolio company. Intellicore works in collaboration with Wood to provide bespoke solutions which can be used across an entire asset.

The Problem

The CATS gas terminal required a portal that allowed continuous improvement records to be generated, logged and progressed by a group of approved users. The records go through several stages prior to being marked as complete and each record is associated with an expected benefit and an actual benefit, establishing which areas of improvement would most benefit the business.

The portal allows users to register suggested improvements and categorise main expected benefits. The ethos behind this system promotes a positive approach to problems, solutions and improvements without cost as a primary driver.

Suggested improvements are allocated to a system user to organise the successful execution of the improvement. Once completed, the improvement remains in the system, where it is flagged after a defined period to determine its success.

The Solution

Intellicore put forward a proposal which provided a solution that worked consistently across all desktop computers on site.

The capability to amend, comment, review or share any record, anytime is a feature of the solution. Accordingly, Intellicore undertook focussed development working in partnership with the client with a solution that is adaptive and meets their requirements in that regard. The milestones of the process are easily tracked in the system and records are archived while remaining readily accessible.

The user can pull bespoke reports with varying factors as set by the user, allowing them to focus specifically on the information they seek to analyse. 


Working together with Wood, the CATS gas terminal now has a centralised system through which they can run, monitor and store their continuous improvement records. The solution allows the business to compare the expected benefit of the improvement against the actual benefit, increasing understanding of change effectiveness. 

The reporting functionality of the solution further enhances oversight at a management level and allows for easy comparison between projects at the click of a button. 

My experience of working with Intellicore was very positive. Shaun's attitude was exceptional. He went that extra mile to ensure the system suited our requirements, and he quickly responded to my change requests.

Mike Smith - Operations Team Leader Mike Smith - Operations Team Leader Wood