Bespoke Web Design, Graphics and logos from Aberdeen Based Intellicore

Bespoke Graphic Design in Aberdeen

You may be offering the fastest most powerful car in the world, but if it looks like a shoebox, you won't be selling many. Design is one of the most important factors for a business, it's so important you could probably sell that car without an engine or wheels if it was beautiful enough. The obvious thing is to have both, good performance and reliability coupled with beauty and functionality. This is what we work hard on and that's why we have our own designers to perform hand in hand with the team ensuring the best outcome and saving the client (and us) precious time and money. Most people will decide within a few seconds if they want to stay on your website or leave, or if they trust your company, due to the design, so it's crucial to give that first good impression and also make your audience enjoy the experience so they'll want to come back. We are proud to offer a wide range of services parting from a solid artistic background and concept of design to the print, branding, infographics and complex user interface designs for web or mobile applications.

Logo Design and Branding

The whole identity of a business will be captured and accepted better if it has the right branding. The logo is the visual essence of the company, it's what people will notice first and remember. Human brains use around 50% of their capacity just for visual analysis and comprehension so it's important to have a good logo and style to aid and promote instant public recognition. That's why at Intellicore we give great importance to this crucial part of design to ensure we offer the best service to reach not only the public but also reach the client's satisfaction.

Infographic Design

Infographics are important to make sure you grasp people's attention and get your idea or message through in an easy way. This is achieved with the help of visual representations like icons, images, graphs, colours, shapes... along with the texts you are trying to explain. We have all heard an image is worth a thousand words, well it's true, that's why imagery is so important and must be implemented in your design if you want your idea to get out there.

Website Design

Websites are fundamental for business; pretty much any relevant 21st century business can't afford not to have one. A website is the door to the outdoor world, 90% of people will find you thanks to your website so it's a key factor for anyone who wants to be noticed and improve awareness, sales and service. Websites and programming code are constantly evolving and that's why it's important to keep up to date and use the latest technologies. At Intellicore this is one of our main focus points, complemented with the right design for each case and backed up with SEO positioning to ensure you are noticed and easily found on the main search engines. Writing code is like poetry for us, and more important, we enjoy doing it!


As well as our creative designs we also have a good eye for photography. With a professional camera Nikon D610 at our disposal, we can enhance any web design with high quality photos of your own products, services, or team members. Why not get in touch today to see what we could do for you?

We are pretty great at giving our clients exactly what they want first time round (especially when they know what that is!), and we always receive great feedback for our designs. But as they say, an image is worth more than a thousand words, so why not check out our Design Case Studies and see for yourself?