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Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Microsoft

An effective Microsoft Dynamics CRM system will classify your prospects and help identify your best customers.

With detailed information on your clientele you can accurately project and respond to their buying needs throughout the sales cycle. Plus, CRM can help you automate routine sales tasks, allowing you to spend more time focusing on strategic sales issues.

Intellicore specializes in tailoring an effective system for you and your business. Our bespoke service can help expand the capabilities of your business by evaluating your marketing, sales, customer service techniques and more.

The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain clients the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.


Optimise your sales efforts with its familiar and intelligent features. Take advantage of a highly intuitive interface and embedded Microsoft Office capabilities to increase time with customers, shorten sales cycles, increase close rates and achieve real-time insight.

Customer Service

The marketing aspect of this solution is flexible and easy to use. Harness undiscovered potential within your consumer base. Engineering the marketing module to fit your business will ensure you market more effectively, improve your productivity and gain further insight into your marketing efforts.


It meets the changing expectations of customers with a service solution that is robust and flexible. Users find familiar functionality and an interface that let them work in a personal, natural way. This intelligent solution informs service professionals with guidance that is insightful and actionable. The result is a connected, collaborative and integrated organisation. Provides feedback on customer service Help business to connect and integrate with clients more effectively

Extended Needs?

Every Organisation will track different levels of information and manage other relationships that are integral to their success such as employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors and many other critical stakeholders. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM package can easily be customized for these ‘Extended CRM” scenarios. Bespoke customization will enhance the value of all relationships, improve business relevance, drive operational excellence and increase business insights.

We commonly come across businesses where this has already been installed but the solution has never been tailored for the business needs, therefore resulting in a lack of user adoption and frustration. If you have a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system in place but it's not working for your business, give us a call on +44 (0) 1224 213335 to organise a system audit. We have the skills and experience to audit your existing system and put a corrective plan in place.

Possible customizations include:

  • Point-and-click customization of data management, workflow, user experience, access and security, analytics and reporting.
  • Automated actions with triggers based on events, time or business logic.
  • Model and automate your key business processes such as your sales process.
  • Connect via customer portals or websites.
  • Access data via custom mobile phone applications.
  • Integrate common records with your back office financial systems.
  • Manage your SharePoint documents alongside your relevant customer records

This specific customer relationship management software package is a key offering in which Intellicore specialise. Intellicore aim to be the leading customization and development company in Scotland, for this field. See some of our Scottish Clients.

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