We create the technology that builds better business

Intellicore prides itself on building tailored, customised software solutions that deliver proven results with improved safety and amplified efficiency.

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We feel passionate about working collaboratively to create the very best technical solutions for each client, no matter the size of your business or industry.

We will analyse and immerse ourselves in your business to identify your needs, streamline your operations, solve problems and potentially take your product to market.

There has never been more of an important time for technology development within any business, however there are still many industries that have not fully embraced the benefits of todays' technology advances and it is these industries that we can really help develop the most efficiency and benefit.

We help businesses unveil and satisfy the demand for digital transformation by providing software engineers and consultancy services that will help businesses embrace competitiveness in the marketplace using technology. Intellicore has worked with a wide range of businesses to help strengthen technology innovation, aiding them to become more efficient and grow.

In a nutshell:
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Years in Business
Completed Projects
Clients Were Start-ups
Global countries served

Our aim has always been to accelerate the success of any size of organisation – from start-ups to multi-nationals through our agile, potent and innovative knowledge and practice of technology enterprise infrastructures, this is what drives us and leads to shaping your business for the better.

Our developers work with trending technologies to design software solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

We learn and build projects that involve human and technology learning – and this compels us to continuously learn and develop to ensure our clients always have the best-learned updated future proof technology for your software project.

Constantly challenging ourselves, we continue to develop and learn, ensuring that not only our own company thrives and grows but so do our clients.

We are tried and tested in this

We have been established for over a decade within the technology industry. Not only do we have an extensive track record in developing software solutions, but we also have impressive experience of taking this development on a longer journey – bringing it to market and seeing a real return on investment for our clients.   

The Intellicore team have diverse technology backgrounds that offer industry-leading skills and knowledge which are transferable and provide an outstanding service offering.

Our business core has always revolved around human centered technology, we design and work to enhance the skills and abilities of users by providing equal priority to human and organisational issues whilst delivering the best fit technical solution.

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