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About Intellicore

Our history

We were set up in 2010 by this guy, Barry Booth, who had a vision of providing applications to businesses that would allow them to use IT in a way that was more suited to their operations. The aim of the game has always been to simplify systems and make them really work for clients and their needs.

We evolved

Since then, technologies have changed and developed rapidly and we've made it our business to anticipate the requirements of our clients, adding to our team of experts to ensure their needs are met. We welcome new technologies; in fact, we get pretty excited about them in the Intellicore office.

Our clients

Based in Aberdeen, our team works closely with clients to deliver excellent solutions and services throughout a number of projects and across a spectrum of businesses, including numerous global companies. No matter what size your business may be, we can find a solution that works for you. We develop our solutions in line with clients' needs and to maximize effectiveness and productivity in business.

Technologies we use

Now for the techie bit. Our services are based on Microsoft programmes such as Microsoft Dynamic CRM, ERP, SharePoint, and WPF. We are proud to be certified as a silver partner of Microsoft Dynamic CRM in affiliation with partnering company Applico.