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Intellicore create solutions to business problems with software.

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Intellicore create solutions to business problems with software. When we talk about software, what do we mean? It could be a website, mobile app, database system, augmented reality, the list is endless.

We’re specialists in bespoke software, which means we can customise or create from scratch, a solution to address the issue you’re facing no matter the size of your business or industry. If you’re struggling with time and cost efficiencies, new business leads, creating a better user experience and want to have a streamlined business let us show you what using technology innovatively can achieve

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Your Ideas can change the world

We are passionate about technology and its ability to bring to life an idea or solve a problem.  We love analysing a business’ needs and identifying where technology can help.

But what makes us different is that we like to think of ourselves as an all-round technology partner for our clients.  Not only do we design and develop products, we can also offer business advice on how to take your technology to market.  We’ve got a track record of doing it ourselves successfully and are passionate about sharing this knowledge so that people get the most out of their innovations.

Have an idea but lack the technical knowledge to make it a reality?

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