case study
Richard Irvin

Richard Irvin and Intellicore: maintaining a partnership that spans over a decade

The client

Richard Irvin is a leading technical facilities management business, providing a large scope of tailored services for commercial property and housing.

Richard Irvin has offices in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Stirling, Inverness, and Edinburgh but has a number of bases throughout the UK, employing over 340 people.

the result

Intellicore developed and delivered an end-to-end job management software solution that streamlines and automates many aspects of the job management process, increasing efficiencies and incorporating higher data security. Resulting in savings in time and money across the board for Richard Irvin.

As Richard Irvin has expanded and grown, so too has its demand for more complex and custom technology systems resulting in a technical partnership with Intellicore which has lasted more than a decade.

The evolution of technology and how the end-user employs technology has led to multiple developments within the software, creating the best processes and tools for incorporation across the business.

the challenge

In 2010, Richard Irvin contacted Intellicore to develop a bespoke software solution to update its current antiquated and inefficient systems.

The solution had to improve business processes and enhance data capture and accessibility. It also had to be future focused with functionality to move the business toward a long-term goal of growing a unified group of offices throughout Scotland.

At the time, the company used a paper-based system for its engineers to receive jobs, keep timesheets and report that jobs were complete. This meant that there were a lot of opportunities for inconsistencies as paperwork needed to be completed by-hand and stored safely. Processing the extensive amount of paperwork manually was time-consuming and inefficient.

Richard Irvin recognised the importance of keeping data secure and managing it electronically and was keen to modernise its business process in order to be competitive, profitable and at the cutting edge of the marketplace, Intellicore’s software engineers were tasked with finding a solution.

how we did it

Intellicore developed and delivered an end-to-end business management solution to move Richard Irvin to an electronic job management and data processing methodology.

By developing a bespoke CRM system, Intellicore was able to customise and streamline the business processes. Included in the functionality of the solution is:

  • The introduction of a handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) platform for engineers, allowing for information to be sent directly to office staff or vice versa. Meaning that all employees have access to the data they need instantly and to hand.
  • Completed job sheets, certificates and timesheets sent via the PDA back into the CRM via a bespoke ApplicationProgramming Interface (API), also developed by Intellicore
  • A process allowing timesheet exportation so that an office user can run payroll for all engineers for an entire week at the push of a button  
  • Jobs can be invoiced as soon as the engineer is finished on site and sent immediately to the team for processing

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