December 14, 2020

Introducing the Human Centered Technology Group

The Human Centered Technology Group is a non-trading entity that is the umbrella group companies of SEALL and Intellicore. 

The group is run by Des Neill and Barry Booth, who together have successfully worked on many high impact projects together for around 15 years, they have cemented this alliance by having a solid business partnership that spans the last decade. 

The business core has always evolved around human centered technology, designing software solutions to identified problems whilst enhancing the skills and abilities of the users who operate them.

Working together

Human Centered Technology Group (HCTG) combines technology companies with a common view of improving the ability of the users who use them, considerations given to how the system can learn from the user, teach the user, set forth opportunity to the right user. This science is something that most obviously goes beyond technology and can be applied its looks at how development, design and deployment can be used when working with a mixed range of initiative human-computer systems. HCTG breaks down the systems and the practices of the actual technology whilst interacting with the human behind the software.

It is all about ensuring that we have the right human connection and skillset feeding into the technology development that we are producing for clients.

We  firmly believe all our brands will rely on a balance of human interaction and technology for tomorrow's world.  Neither can fully be developed, nurtured or managed without the other. 

Our  track record for creating a robust human + technology  eco-system that can change workflows and infrastructures for the better for all sizes of enterprises.

Together  we will analyse and immerse ourselves in your business to identify  your  needs, streamline your operations, solve problems and potentially take your product to market.

The humans behind the group

Barry Booth

Barry Booth has been working within the technology industry for nearing two decades, he is a visionary technology leader and has developed a great software portfolio for his clients, as well as fully understanding the continuing technology evolution that continues to shape our modern lives.

Barry Booth is CEO of the Human Centered Technology Group of global companies – firstly, Intellicore, a software company that co-create’s with clients and works together with them to build and develop software, new technology, leadership and organisation developments to all sizes of companies and ventures.  

With a strong background in working with people and systems, Barry understands the interplay of both within modern organisations. He specialises in building the bridges between technology and people within the context of an organisation. With his growing team, he supports leaders and managers to develop their organisations from a foundation of deep knowledge and experience in technology and organisational development.

With SEALL, an initiative software company that drives innovation to improve safety, better results and capabilities in the marine sector. He designs and develops intuitive systems for a marine environment that provide better results, improves safety while being simpler than ever to use.

Barry facilitates all commercial aspects and strategic direction of both businesses and ensures that both businesses learn, grow, and evolve whilst constantly striving for continuous improvement within several key technology-driven sectors.

Des Neill

Des Neill has a long, proven track record for developing software products for the marine industry.  In 2008 his company Jargoon successfully launched Voyager, a back of bridge product delivering chart update services. 

Des was the initial developer of Voyager and its legacy software now powers the SEALL ENC Kernel which is currently being used in over twenty-nine thousand vessels globally.

Des provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust and secure information technology environment within SEALL, an initiative software company that was founded in 2017.  SEALL’s priority is driving innovation to improve safety, better results, and capabilities in the marine sector.

In addition, he is responsible for providing SEALL clients with timely access to performance-related information, so they can better manage their solutions and their businesses.

Des is also Technical Director to SEALL’s bespoke sister company Intellicore.  

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