Software will always need updating, whether it’s to ensure it is as secure as possible or to provide new functionality.

When developing software, it is essential that there is a robust process in place for updating the code.

At Intellicore, we use a CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous development) pipeline which is a set of automated processes that enable us to build, test and deploy code changes more efficiently.  

By using this practice, the time and effort to deliver code changes will be reduced whilst ensuring the code is of a high quality and meets the required standards.  

Coding changes delivered quickly  

As the process is automated, developers can be more responsive to changing needs, producing faster results and a succinct, tailored experience for the customer.  

Improved quality

A CI/CD pipeline will automatically run tests and checks on code changes before they are deployed, reducing errors and defects early in the development process. For customers, this lowers the risk of production issues leading to less disruption within the system.  

Increased visibility and transparency

This type of pipeline provides visibility into the development process, allowing developers and stakeholders to track the progress and status of code changes, streamlining communication and coordination within the development team. This means that customers can always have sight of how the software is changing.  

Easier rollbacks and recoveries

Using a CI/CD pipeline can make it easier to roll back code changes or recover from production issues, as it provides a clear record of the code changes that have been made and the versions of the code that are in production. Making it easy to revert to a previous version, depending on the customer’s requirements.  

Through our extensive experience developing software across industries, we find that using a CI/CD pipeline works for most businesses. Creating efficiencies but flexibility, it allows the customer to always have a system in place that works for their evolving business.  

Barry Booth

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