Businesses run on information. The modern business utilizes technology to harness that information and use it to drive efficiencies within its operation.

But how might this technology evolve in 2023?

Blockchain can support businesses to do this by delivering certain information (such as order tracking and payments) immediately and transparently on a ledger which is accessed by members.  

Increased adoption

Businesses are becoming more and more aware of this type of technology and are adopting it more readily. Particularly as its uses increase. It is expected that usage of this type of technology will gain traction in industries such as finance, supply chain management and healthcare.  

As it is adopted across more industries, it is likely that we will see new applications and services using this technology.  


One of the features that makes blockchain so popular is that it can operate without the need for a central authority, making it more secure. In a decentralized network, everyone has a copy of the exact same data and if it is altered or corrupted, it will be rejected by the other members.  

It can reduce points of weakness within the system where there is too much reliance on specific members. We are likely to see this increase as IT security becomes more and more important.  


There are currently many different platforms that operate blockchain technology and, as adoption increases, it is likely that there will be growing demand for these platforms to interact and communicate with each other.  


Another consequence of increased adoption is the need for blockchain to process an increased number of transactions per second. The technology will have to develop in order to meet the demands of a growing number of users.  


In general, cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated and ensuring evolving technology is addressing these growing concerns is paramount to ensuring blockchain remains an important piece of technology.  

As blockchain technology is increasingly adopted by businesses, this will have a domino effect on other trends we are likely to see.  

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Barry Booth

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