The cloud is a term that most people are familiar with and have used for over the past decade.

But it continues to advance and develop with different features to suit the demands of businesses.

“The Cloud” is a term that has been well-used for over 15 years and most people have a basic understanding of what it is.  

However, as with all technology, it is evolving rapidly and there are some key trends we can see emerging that businesses should be aware of in order to take full advantage of the value it can bring.  

Hybrid Cloud  

When a business incorporates both public and private cloud services into its IT infrastructure, it is known as a hybrid cloud. The value of using both includes cost-savings and agility. The need to adapt and change quickly is paramount to any business that wants to remain digitally relevant.  


This is when a cloud function is used from multiple vendors, rather than relying on a single provider. This means businesses can take advantage of the best features and capabilities of different cloud platforms. As the cloud is adopted more frequently, it is likely that companies will want to cherry pick the elements that work best for how their business operates.  

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the use of computing resources (like servers and storage) at the edge of a network, rather than at a centralised location. This can address common infrastructure challenges, such as bandwidth limitations, excess latency and network congestion. As companies become more reliant on larger digital resources, it is likely that edge computing will grow in popularity.  

Serverless Computing

This is using cloud-based services to carry out code without the need to manage infrastructure, such as servers. This can make it much simpler for companies to run applications. As businesses look to reduce complexities within their systems, they will likely look to methods such as serverless computing.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly important in the field of cloud computing, with many cloud providers offering AI and machine learning services that can be offered through the cloud. This is a topic that is widely discussed at the moment, and that conversation and adoption is likely to grow through 2023.  

It is clear that as technology develops, the more it becomes accessible and relevant to individuals and companies. It is becoming clearer to businesses how these innovative solutions can be harnessed to improve business practices.  

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Barry Booth

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