Meet Magdalena Zemelko, our QA Manager.

Find out more about her experience of working at Intellicore

What is your experience of working at Intellicore?

My experience over the last 2 years has been great. The company has a fantastic work environment, where people are not only rewarded fairly for their work, but also given the opportunity to learn and grow.  I was promoted within the first 6 months from Junior QA Tester to QA Analyst, which shows that my work and commitment were recognised and rewarded early on.  

What are you looking to achieve in your new role as QA manager?

I will be looking to find new ways to make the team’s workloads easier and smarter. In the current age of Agile. stakeholders expect faster delivery, we must bring in a significant change.

My goal is to continue to deliver high-quality standards, track the efficiency of the QA activities, connect different departments and build the team. I am also focussing on automation, using Cypress and Selenium to produce automated Test Cases, Suites, and Plans.

Within your new role, what success criteria will you be working towards for the company, the clients and yourself?

I define success in different ways. At work, it is meeting the goals set by the whole team. I believe success to be the process in which we help our customers and grow our company to be successful, both with the products we offer and through business operations.

I see my own personal success criteria as being recognised through my leadership skills and as a manager you can trust. 

Magdalena Zemelko

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