Business Management System

Tired of using outdated and inefficient systems to manage your business processes?

Run your entire business with Intellicore’s flexible business management system.

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Our system provides the advantages of a bespoke software solution without the usual development costs.

Using our specialist Business Management System framework we can create the customisations and enhancements that your business needs. This means you can start using the system right away and expand it over time.

Project/job creation and management

Manage all aspects of projects and jobs from start to finish to ensure successful completion and customer satisfaction.

Supplier Purchase Order Creation

Create Purchase Orders that can be sent out to your suppliers meaning prompt delivery of goods and services.

Timesheet Management

Record and track employee time to improve project management, invoicing accuracy, and productivity, and analyse time booking through our timesheet report.

Advice Note Creation

Create and store professional delivery notes to allow you to accurately record the transport and collection of goods

Customer/Supplier Address Book

Maintain a central repository of customer and supplier contact information to streamline communication and improve relationships.


Generate reports to gain valuable insights into your business performance and identify key areas for improvement.

Supplier RFQ management

Streamline the request for quote process to reduce response times and get the best prices for goods and services.

Customer quoting

Easily create, send out, and manage customer quotes that look professional and drive sales.

Enhance efficiency and productivity with our customisable solution

Discover the benefits of our flexible software for your Business growth and risk management.

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Increased efficiency and productivity
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Cost-effective compared to fully bespoke systems
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Customizable and flexible
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Tailored pricing plans to suit your needs
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Reduced risk and human input error
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Quick onboarding with remote training
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Rapid business growth and the ability to respond to change
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A secure system that can easily adapt to increasing business demands
"Intellicore's been our software partner for 10+ years, adding value across our business. They've created key integrations and systems. Their excellence has made us loyal customers and strong endorsers."
Paul Rae

IT Manager

Intellicore, are the only software developer I trust after 10 years working together. They're collaborative, perceptive and add value beyond software. It's a true partnership.
Joe Murdoch

Finance Director

A system that offers flexibilty, security, and customisation

Power up your business with Intellicore and book a demo to take your business to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions our customers want to know about our Business Management Software. If there is anything else please contact us.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is tailored to suit your business needs. Please get in touch for further discussion.

Can I pay monthly / quarterly / annually?

Yes, we can tailor a payment schedule to suit your business.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial to test out all the system's features and functionality.

Can I have a demo?

Yes, you can request a demo through our website. One of our experts will take you through the system's features and functionality. After the demo, you will have access to the system for a 7-day trial.

Will there be a training environment available?

We can create a training environment for you to use if required.

What training and support do you offer if I sign up?

We offer onboarding, remote training at no extra cost, and on-site training upon request at an additional cost.

Do you provide continued support for the system?

Yes, we offer support and maintenance contracts at an additional monthly cost.

What’s the process once I sign up?

Once you sign-up, we will get a production environment spun up and give you access so your business can start using the BMS. We will also provide you with remote training as well as a training manual.

What are the system / browser requirements?

Our recommended browser is Google Chrome.

Can I use my own branding?

We can customize the system with your company's logo and colours, subject to compatible logos being made available to us.

Can I import my existing data?

This will depend on the data and the format you are looking to import. We are happy to discuss your requirements on this.

Can I restrict access to certain parts of the system?

Yes, the system has user management and permissions that can be assigned to individual users.

How do I submit a feature request?

Once you are signed up, you will be able to send feature requests to us through our support helpdesk.

Still have questions?

Speak to us in person - we'd love to hear from you and provide the answers you need.